PriorTax 2016 Products

Fedral Products
Federal Tax Return

    Federal Return............$14.99*

*Federal Return for $14.99 if you file both Federal and State return together, a federal return alone is for $39.99.

The federal return includes all our supporting forms except Schedule K-1. A Schedule K-1 form is an additonal $29.99.

State Products
State Tax Return

    State Return................$35

We allow you the privilege to file your state return without filing your federal return.
(File up to 3 separate states)
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Extra Services
Audit Assistance
  •  Audit Assistance.........$29.99
Put your mind at ease, in the unfortunate situation were you are chosen for an audit, we will offer you our professional audit services.

Long Term Safeguard
  •  Long Term Safeguard...$9.99
We guarantee that for 3 yrs your tax information will be safe with us for as long as IRS requires you to hold your tax return.

Bound File Copy
  •  Bound File Copy..........$19.99
We will send you a professional bound file copy of your tax return.

Professional Review
  •  Pro Review................$19.99
One of our professionals will review your federal tax return for errors such as duplicate entries or missing entries that may result in a delay or incorrect refund. We will also allow updates to your return and will address any questions you may have.

Important Notes: -Efiling is not allowed for past year tax returns, we will email or mail you a copy to be signed and mailed to the IRS. -Once you've submitted your order, a refund will not be issued. If you have any questions regarding our tax products, please email us before you place an order. -You can use the online software to self-prepare your returns going back to 2000 but can only claim a refund going back three years.